Stop Trump Pipelines

Create a Biden Standard

  • Respect our communities
  • Listen to science
  • Protect our land and water

The [Trump administration] picked big oil companies over American workers. Our administration will not only bring those standards back, we’ll set new ambitious standards that our workers are ready to meet today.

President Joe Biden

Trump turned his back on the health of our communities and our climate, stomped on our rights, and lied about jobs and economic impact to push through pipelines on behalf of his oil and gas executive friends.

We stand with President Biden as he turns the page on Trump fossil fuel pipelines and invests in a better future that includes us all.

In Michigan

Governor Whitmer is showing courage and wisdom to order the shutdown of the dangerous Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline.

In Minnesota

Governor Walz, Senator Klobuchar, and Senator Smith have a choice to make to stop Trump’s dangerous Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline.

In the Heartland

President Biden on Day 1 of his administration rejected the risky KXL pipeline that threatened the land and water in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Group 7

Tell President Biden: Stop the Trump Pipelines Now

Keystone XL was the first pipeline that President Biden rejected but it should not be the last.

Decision makers in Washington DC and across the country now have a choice — stand with the Trump pipelines that prop up big oil and gas profits and cronyism or the approach Biden established when he cancelled KXL.

Stand for science, respect for treaty and property rights, racial justice, clean water and solutions to the climate crisis and stop the Trump pipelines.

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